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Broadway Playbill

The chosen Broadway production for this assignment was the comical “The Producers." The photographic paper abstraction displays paper swirls in a soft and playful manner, which reflects the slapstick nature of the show. The color scheme is equally playful combining bright and vibrant colors. Yellow orange was chosen as the unifying color that would remain constant on every item. However, cool-blue, violet-pink, and yellow-green each appear separately although on similar photos on each item. The primary typeface selected was akzidenz grotesk, which contrasts the playful imagery with a more serious and typeface.

Producers-Poster - Postcards-01.png
Producers-Poster - Postcards-02.png
Producers-Poster - Postcards-03.png
Producers-Poster - Postcards-06.png
Producers-Poster - Postcards-04.png
Producers-Poster - Postcards-05.png
Producers-Poster - Postcards-07.png